*Rates shown assume a minimum loan amount of $350,000, applicant is refinancing an owner occupied residence with no cash out, single family home and occupied as primary residence. All applicants must have a credit score of 740 or higher, combined debt to income ratio of 38% or lower, meet program assets requirements and have a Loan to Value Ratio less than or equal to 60%. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) shown may include discount points up to 3 points. BIG ZERO is our no closing cost refinance. Rite Lend pays all of the closing costs except prepaid interest, taxes, insurance and payoff demand fees. Rates are subject to change and not all applicants qualify. Restrictions apply. All loans locked at time of Unconditional Underwriting Approval only. Loans not submitted or approved by staff underwriter are subject to rate changes. Gotmortgage.com, Inc. dba Rite Lend. NMLS unique identifier #245420. Contact a Rite Lend representative today for a customized quote 1-866-RITE-LEND.